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 Regression Therapy

Kristine Morton, founder of the Harmony Healing Center provides Current Life Age Regression, Past Life Soul Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression and Spiritual Coaching sessions in the Denver area.  Additionally, Past Life Soul Regression and Spiritual Coaching sessions are available over the phone for those unable to meet with her in person.

Kristine Morton, a Certified Regression Therapist for more than 13 years, utilizes hypnosis to assist clients in accessing lower states of consciousness, the subconscious mind, which is home to their inner resources and divine guidance.  Accessing the memory of past life information and/or connecting with the expanded consciousness of a Life Between Lives experience provides clarity, stimulates healing and quickens growth on a deep soul level. This broadening of awareness enables us to better understand and appreciate our life's purpose, enjoy more satisfying relationships, more peaceful personal lives, and a much stronger Spiritual connection.

What is Regression Therapy?

The process of Regression Therapy is based on the premises that everything the individual has ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind.

Not only does the mind know the origin and cause of our physical and emotional issues; it knows its own best way to correct those conditions. The answers we are looking for are not out there in the world, they are inside each of us.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Soul Regression is a valid and useful tool to understand recurring themes in our lives. When we die, our soul can carry with it unfulfilled promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs, attitudes, ailments, unresolved issues, and attachments, which can be brought into this lifetime to be worked through. 

It can assist with getting to the root cause of issues like anxiety/depression, fears, phobias, anger issues, addiction issues, repeating pattern, relationship issues, physical issues, etc.

By exploring these issues in a past life, we can integrate this understanding into our current lifetime and resolve destructive patterns and create the opportunity for clarity and healing on a deep level which leads to a more joyful current life.

How will I experience a past life?

People are different in the way they experience their past lives. Some review the life fully using a variety of their senses, while others only review it through only one or two senses.

For some it is as if they are actually there, in the memory.  Others see it like a movie being played out in front of them. Some only see snapshots of images and others don't see much at all, they tend to 'feel" the experience more than they see it.  However, the way one experiences their past lives does not limit their ability to achieve healing.

What if I am not able to handle the trauma of my Past Life?

Past Life Soul Regression is almost always trauma based. We don't tend to go back to those easy vacation lives, we are done with those. We tend to go back to those more traumatic lives, the ones we are still holding onto unresolved energy from and have carried with us into this life-time to work through.  Uncovering a difficult past life or a horrific death circumstance does not generally induce a state of pain.  Rather, the surfacing of such past life details usually explains the client's fears and phobias, feelings and thoughts that have been present for years, and creates an opportunity for an unraveling and healing to begin.

Also, Spirit will not take us where we are not ready to go, we can trust this. People are drawn to this work because it is perfectly appropriate for them to have access to this information at this time. 

And a skilled Regression Therapist is able to assist the client in navigating through any difficult past life and will not allow the client to remain in a difficult or stressful scene for too long.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

No, not everyone is can be led into a hypnotic trance, however, this is usually due to left brain interference.  Clients who take the time to prepare properly usually have a very successful session.

Do I have to believe in past lives or reincarnation for this to work?

No, you do not need to believe in past lives in order for this to be an effective tool for you. Some believe these are stories from the collective consciousness or memories from our ancestors we are tapping into. Some feel the memories are just metaphors for the conscious mind to make sense of.  Most believe the recall is very real.  It doesn’t really matter though, the proof is in the results.

These are legitimate expressions of the subconscious mind, or inner being, and we can use this information to integrate into our lives to help us heal and greatly increase the quality of our current life experience.

What is Between Lives Regression?

At some point in life each of us comes to the place where we begin to ask those big questions, Who am I?, Where did I come from?, Why am I here?

Usually this quest begins after the age of 30, after we have had experiences indicating something bigger is going on. For those seeking to understand the nature of their existence and their soul’s purpose, choices, challenges and soul mate contracts made prior to incarnation, this information can be more easily accessed during Between Lives Regression.

We need a much deeper state of hypnosis for this session and for that reason a Past Life Soul Regression is usually a per-requisite to this work, but not always.

What happens between incarnations?

Dr. Michael Newton is one of the pioneers of this work.  He is a psychotherapist that had been doing Past Life Regression for his clients for many years when he accidentally stumbled onto a technique that allowed him access to people’s life between lives. What he found, over and over, was that clients were consistently describing a very specific place of peace and compassion, unconditional love, joy and humor. (They can be very funny on the other side!)  The soul goes there after each life to rest and to study and plan the next incarnation.

He did over 7,000 BLR’s researching this place. He wrote a book about it called called “Journey of Souls” and it is a fascinating read if you are interested in this deep, sacred work.

Exploring the spirit world between lives is like opening the doors to the library of the soul’s “eternal” memories.

Will this work cure my problems?

There are no guarantees, of course, and everyone’s healing processes are individualized.  However, most people do experience some level of healing, even with the first session.

We are opening up a window with this work. This window usually stays open for a some time allowing insights and changes to happen long after their sessions is over. People who complete the work often find that they have healed deep issues which had plagued them for a long time.

How many sessions will I need?

Sometime people will find everything they were looking for in one Past Life Soul Regression.  Others may return for a follow-up session to do the deeper work of the Between Lives Soul Regression or when they long for more insight/understanding, or new issues arise. For some, a few or several sessions are needed to heal very deep seated issues.  It is very individual.  This is very powerful work however, and people don't generally need a lot of this kind of work.

For even more great information about Regression Therapy go to the Regression Therapy Videos page.

Spiritual Coaching

Spirit is “the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power” It is the wisdom within each of us, beyond years and experience.  Its origins are mysterious, and many believe that our Spirit lives on beyond our body in a non-physical plane.  Spiritual healing involves tapping into the power centers of both the client and the coach to validate the Spirit that resides within, enabling clients to connect with messages that come from the heart and empowering them to create and take action from that place of inner strength and to heal through Spiritual re-connection.