Highly Sensitive People

Over the years, as a Regression Therapist and Spiritual Coach, I have worked with many highly sensitive people who are gifted, talented and amazing. However, they often have trouble adjusting to this dense, very complex world we all find ourselves in. Sensitive individuals are incredibly insightful, empathetic and even telepathic, however, because the way they are wired, they are also prone to having more challenges in adapting to the world’s expectation and limits of them. 

Because their nervous systems are so finely tuned these super sensitive souls experience, react and feel the world much more deeply than most. Their capacity for enhanced sensory input, on all levels, can at times be overwhelming and they feel as if they are being bombarded by the world around them. This can cause anxiety, fear, and depression. 

Being a parent of a highly sensitive child can be very rewarding and also very exhausting.  The child’s reactions to the outside world can appear extreme and be very challenging for parents and peers to understand and manage. These kids tend to be strong-willed and feisty, persistent, and passionate. They tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves that can range from ecstatic to enraged. 

Because they are so different from others, highly sensitive people often believe there is something wrong with them, however, this could not be further from the truth. They have come here to share their amazing gifts and talents with the rest of us. They often need some assistance though, to understand who they really are on a deep level. And they need tools to create healthy boundaries in order to manage a very chaotic world before they can feel comfortable enough in their own skin to be able to explore and share their amazing gifts and talents. 

Spiritual Coaching and Regression Therapy can be a very effective way to help highly sensitive people understand their true nature and to reframe the way they see themselves and the world around them allowing them to blossom into the amazing beings they intended to be. 

I too, am highly sensitive and had to find my own way in this world. It is such a pleasure and honor to assist these highly gifted beings to begin to expand and come into the fullness of their lives.

With love,