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Past Life Soul Regression

What is Past Life Soul Regression?

Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) is a valid and useful tool to understand recurring themes in our lives. Using hypnosis to alter our state of consciousness, we can access the subconscious, home to our spirit guide and past life memories.  When we die, our soul can carry with it unfulfilled promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs, attitudes, ailments, unresolved issues, phobias and attachments from previous lives which can be brought into this lifetime to be worked through. By exploring these issues in a past life, we can integrate this understanding into our current lifetime and resolve destructive patterns, emotional and physical ailments, relationship issues, and much more. It also gives us an opportunity to dissolve our fear of death as we see for ourselves through our eternal spirit guide that we have lived many times before and that death is just an illusion.

Purpose and value:

  • Assists with healing past life traumas
  • Helps release our fear of death
  • Allows expanded spiritual perspective
  • Helps overcome grief
  • Understanding origins of phobias
  • Can provide insight to, and release from physical issues
  • Can heal relationship concerns
  • Assists with releasing negative patterns and habits

The Past Life Soul Regression takes between 2.5 and 3 hours.

Kristine Morton is a Denver based Certified Regression Therapist. Most session sessions are done remotely on Zoom or over the phone. She conducts session nationally as well as globally. The session work very well remotely. Being in the comfort of your own home, lying on your own bed can actually facilitate deeper states of relaxation/hypnosis. For those living close enough, she has limited availability for in-person sessions.

Kristine will be taking notes during the session and the session will be recorded as well. Clients will have access to Kristine’s notes and the recording within a few hours after the session. Reviewing the session afterwards can assist with deeper anchoring of the insights of the of the session.

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To contact Kristine for your free, no-obligation consultation or to schedule an appointment, call 303-960-5970, or email kristine@harmonysoulregression.com.

*for those not in the Denver area Past Life Soul Regression can be performed over the phone

Call or email for a free 30 minute consultation.