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Hypnotic Regression FAQs

Hypnosis is a very natural deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of concentration and focused attention. We go down through different levels of consciousness each night as we drift off to sleep.

The therapist’s job is to assist the client down to one of these lower levels of consciousness and hold them there. The client is very relaxed with their eyes closed but awake and aware of everything. They are still able to hear the therapist’s voice and able to respond to questions and they are in control at all times.

All hypnosis truly is self hypnosis. It is the power of your own mind that allows you to relax and let go. Most people are very successful.

However, successful hypnosis depends on your willingness to experience it and even with voluntary participation, not everyone can be led into a hypnotic state.

A common concern people have with hypnosis is that they will lose consciousness and will not be able to remember anything. This is actually very rare.

A very small percentage of people who go into a very deep hypnotic state can experience some level amnesia, however, most people vividly remember everything that occurred under hypnosis and they can still remember it vividly and years later.

In any event, notes are being taken and the session is being recorded so the person has access to the full content of the session.

Those who have asked deep questions about their life and have studied through workshops, books, and still feel a deep desire to know more and are hungry for a deeper connection to spirit and/or those who are at a crossroads or a crisis in their life and are very motivated to find answers.

The process of Regression Therapy is based on the premises that everything the individual has ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind.

Not only does the mind know the origin and cause of our physical and emotional issues; it knows its own best way to correct these conditions, IF it is in the best interest and desire of the client for that to happen. We always have free will.

Past Life Regression is a valid and useful tool to understand recurring themes in our lives. When we die, our soul can carry with it unfulfilled promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs, attitudes, ailments, unresolved issues, and attachments, which can be brought into this lifetime to be worked through.

By exploring these issues in a past life, we can integrate this understanding into our current lifetime and resolve destructive patterns, emotional and physical ailments, relationship issues, and much more.

It’s possible, but unlikely. Many people find that they have lived very ordinary lives, sometimes as poor folk or peasants. Ordinary lives are often rich with past life information and lessons that can provide healing in our present life.

People are different in the way they experience their past lives. Some relive the life fully using a variety of their senses, while others only relive it through one or two senses.

Some see “snapshots” of images and others see it like movie being played out in front of them, others don’t see anything but instead “feel” the experience. The way you experience your past lives does not necessarily impact your ability to achieve past life healing.

Clients who uncover a difficult past life or horrific death circumstances (like being drowned or burned at the stake) are generally not thrown into a state of pain.

Instead, the surfacing of such past life details often explains the client fears and phobias, feelings and thoughts that have been present for years, and creates an opportunity for them to dissipate.

The therapist has ways of helping you through a difficult past life and if something comes up that is too uncomfortable you will automatically come out of trance, but that rarely happens.

People are drawn to this work because it is perfectly appropriate for them to have access to this past life information at this time and most are very successful. Spirit will not take us where we are not ready to go.

No, you do not need to believe in past lives in order for this to be an effective tool for you. Some feel the memories are just metaphors for the conscious mind to make sense of – others believe the recall is very real. It doesn’t really matter. The proof is in the results.

The images are legitimate expressions of your subconscious mind, or inner being, and can greatly increase the quality of your life and you can use the information to heal, and incorporate into, your current life experience.

At some point in life each of us comes to the place where we begin to ask the big questions, Who am I?, Where did I come from?, Why am I here?

Usually this quest begins after the age of 30, after we have had experiences indicating something bigger is going on. For those seeking to understand the nature of their existence and their soul’s purpose, choices, challenges and soul mate contracts made prior to incarnation, this information can be accurately recalled during a Between Lives Regression.

Dr. Michael Newton is one of the pioneers of this work. Dr. Newton is a psychotherapist that had been doing past life regression for his clients for many years when he accidentally stumbled onto a method that could access people’s Life Between Lives. What he found again and again is that clients consistently described a very specific place of peace and compassion, unconditional love, joy and humor. (They can be very funny on the other side.)

The soul goes there after each life to rest and to study and plan the next incarnation. He did over 7,000 BLR’s researching this place. He wrote a book about it. It is called “Journey of Souls” and it is a must read if you are interested in this amazing work.

Exploring the spirit world between lives is like opening the doors to the library of the soul’s “eternal” memories.

Of course, there are no guarantees and everyone’s healing processes are individualized. However, most people do experience healing; even with the first session.

We are opening up a window with this work and the window can stay open for a long time allowing insights and changes to happen long after their sessions. People who complete the work often find that they have healed deep issues which had plagued them for a long time.

Sometimes, people will find what they were looking for after only one session.

Others may return for a follow-up session some time later as they long for more insight/understanding, or new issues arise. For some, a few or several sessions are needed to heal very deep seated issues. It is very individual.

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Our brains are virtually divided in half, each side having distinctly different jobs, even different personalities, and are the receivers of information from independent sources.

Understanding the difference between the right brain and left brain and that we have a choice of which side to operate from at any given moment, is crucial to our well being.

The left brain, home to the ego, is our time bound receiver of the subjective individual perspective of the 3rd dimensional reality, here on planet Earth, between birth and death, in THIS lifetime. This individuality is hardwired into us from early childhood, leading the left brain-ego to take control. This is not a bad thing; the left brain’s protective mechanism serves us well. We couldn’t have survived childhood or have learned how to maneuver in this reality without it. However, the left brain was never meant to be out in front running the show. If the left brain remains dominant for too long it can become quite unbalanced and unstable.

The right brain is the receiver of, and the bridge to, our power centers. The right brain is that timeless, intuitive, creative, flexible, feeling, expansive, spontaneous, compassionate, heart-centered part within us that has gotten buried under the dominant left brain. For many, at some point, it begins to surface and cry out for expression and wants to come forward to lead.

Regression Therapy is a marvelous tool for enabling us to access our right brain.

Suggested Readings for understanding left and right brain:

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

My Stroke of insight by Jill Bolte Taylor