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Regression Therapy changes lives…

I don’t think words can explain what a shift one session has made for me. I have a new perspective on the world, of my lifetime, of my purpose, of the future. I never expected to find out what I did. It is still awe-inspiring as I think back to the feeling: after death, between lives, without form or body or mind, one with it all and the washing over me of love and beauty, the peace that washed over what was mind. I never want to forget that feeling.
Gay – Florida

The experience with Kristine Morton was a most memorable and beneficial journey. For me it was a confirmation of dreams, feelings and questions I have had over the years. The work is subtle, gentle and so loving, Kristine makes this a beautiful safe journey into our Souls. My gratitude and Love.
Sandy – Denver

On my life’s path I have experienced multiple opportunities to get insights about where I am in life so I can make the right decisions to move forward. Yet I have never experienced a more in depth moment as the one during a hypnotherapy session with Therapist Kristine Morton. I truly believe that Kristine is here to support and to heal. Kristine’s genuine, open and pure approach to the technique allows pure truth to come through, guiding us and helping us realize our potential. Kristine allows light to flow through her which then activates our inner light, which perhaps has been dormant. Her skill with using hypnotherapy in past life regressions and in-between life regressions enabled me to become clear about my life purpose and the way I should approach every role in my life. I am more at peace with myself and my sense of ONENESS is heightened.
Candice – Arvada

The experiences I had with Kristine with both the Past Life Regression and the Between Life Regression was nothing short of phenomenal. The understanding I now have of who I am on a much more expanded level, as well as who I have been, the guides I am connected with, and what I am doing here from a much higher dimension, has changed my perception of this current lifetime. My joy factor has gone out the roof! I feel everyone can benefit greatly from this work. Thank you Kristine for making such a difference in my life!
Julene – Hawaii

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