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Spiritual Coaching

A Spiritual Coach can assist in several ways:

Webster’s dictionary defines Spirit as: “the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power”. Many believe that this power center, within each of us, extends beyond our individual years and experience. In our fast paced world with all its distractions it is easy to lose sight of that center and to become disconnected from Spirit. For some this separation induces a variety of dis-ease, ranging from the feeling that “something is missing” to a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maladies.

Spiritual Coaching involves tapping into the power centers of both the client and the coach to align with the Spiritual intelligence that resides within. This re-alignment can awaken clients to messages that come from the heart, empowering them to create, to take action and to heal from that place of inner strength.

Our brains are virtually divided in half, each side having distinctly different jobs, even different personalities, and are the receivers of information from independent sources. The left brain, home to the ego, is our time bound receiver of the subjective individual perspective of the 3rd dimensional reality, here on planet Earth, between birth and death, in THIS lifetime. This individuality is hardwired into us from early childhood, leading the left brain-ego to take control. This is not a bad thing, the left brain’s protective mechanism serves us well, we could not have survived childhood or have learned how to maneuver in this reality without it, however, the left brain was never meant to be running the show. If the left brain remains out in front for too long it can become quite unbalanced and unstable.

The right brain is the receiver of, and the bridge to, our power centers, the timeless, intuitive, creative, flexible, feeling, expansive, spontaneous, compassionate, heart-centered part within us that, at some point, begins to cry out for expression.

Once the goals of the client are clearly established, the role of the Spiritual Coach, with the assistance of divine guidance, is to engage with clients in tapping into their own power centers and the vast wealth of resources within themselves, accessing all the tools necessary to achieve those goals.  At this point the Spiritual Coach can provide tips on how to use and apply these tools to stay more centered and move forward in a more empowered way.

A Spiritual Coach can assist clients with gaining greater access to that spiritual connection within themselves to enhance the healing of the soul. This soul healing provides an opening for the more enlightened perspective and clarity necessary for navigating more easily though current life issues.

A Spiritual Coaching can be a means for getting one ready for the deeper work of Past Life Soul Regression and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapy.

Spiritual Coaching can also be used following a Regression session to assist with greater understanding and integration of the information that is received during a Regression Therapy session.


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Spiritual Coaching Testimonials:

God has a plan for everyone and he is the one who brought me to Kristine. My heart and soul was broken at the time. Kristine was the one who helped me put the pieces back together.. she listened, she examined she offered therapy and through intense work, I recovered. My life could not be better now. I am a happy human being. I have enthusiasm for life, I have courage and fortitude. Kristine helped me realize the partnership that we have with our wonderful bodies and how we interact to become whole. Kristine is one of the angels in my life and I thank God for her gifts!
Susan – CO

At what seemed to be a point of no return and defeat in my life, a guiding force led me to a very special person. This person was Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center. Utilizing a wide array of carefully crafted questions and statements and supported by a personable and relaxing environment she restored me to a state of confidence by peeling back the layers of myself, yielding life changing results. I highly recommend her kind and heartfelt services. Thanks again, Kristine!
Jordan – FL

We are entirely responsible for our actions and reactions to the events that occur in our life”. Kristine has taught me this, as well as how to step out of the cocoon that I have been hiding in for so long…Kristine taught me how to consciously protect myself from the negative energy and how to increase my vibrational frequency to allow only the purest positive and healing energies into my field. Her compassion combined with her incredible spiritual support have helped me through the most difficult times in my life…Thanks to Kristine I can confidently say I am not afraid to venture deeper into my soul and get to know myself as a spiritual being. I have a renewed perspective for the unknown and face the future with excitement, knowing that I have the power to manifest my own destiny. I could not ask for a more profound Spiritual Coaching Guru. Thank you Kristine for all that you are and all that you do.
Patricia – CO