In this time of great change…

I want to share with you some principles that I have learned in my 40+ years in the healing arts field and as a Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapist and Spiritual Coach. I rely on these principles every day to guide my life, especially in times of great change…

Everything happens for a reason

There is a reason all of this is happening.  It is connected to so many other things that it boggles the mind when we try to tie it all together.  The most important thing to remember though is that the Universe,  Source Energy, the Divine, or whatever name works best for you, is always working FOR us, not against us.  So, times of great chaos such as these are also perfect catalysts for inspired thoughts and ideas to come through and enable us to create amazing transformations. However, we must stay calm, mindful, and open to those new possibilities.

Every problem or challenge already has an answer

There is nothing that cannot be resolved if we just stay open and trust that the answer will come at the right time, when it is supposed to.  Fear blocks inspired thought.  When we stay open and trusting, we will receive inspiration that will guide us.

The only thing we can count on in this life is that things will change

Nothing is static in this 3rd dimensional reality.  It is in a constant state of flux. Birth, death and re-birth.  The more we try to hold on to something or keep something the same the more pain and suffering we will experience when it is time for it to change.  The more we can let go of attachments and stay flexible and open the easier the transitions.

There really isn’t anything to fear

If we are really tapped into our Source Energy and trusting it to lead us, there is nothing to fear.   It will never lead us astray.  It is always working FOR us and not against us.  Even if it leads us into an uncomfortable situation, we can trust that there is something there for us of great benefit or we would not be there.  Source knows what we need when we need it.  We can trust that.  It is not always comfortable, but it is always in our best interest, on some level.

Money is Energy 

Money is not good or bad, it is just energy that is always flowing in and out of our lives.  Sometimes it comes in quickly causing us to feel euphoric.  Sometimes it goes out too quickly, causing us to go into fear.  But if we can release our attachments to it and enjoy it when it there and release it when it goes out and trust the Universe to provide, it will, somehow.  We don’t need to know how, just that it will. 

Death is an illusion

We can’t get it wrong because we don’t ever get it done.  We are eternal energies always expanding, forever evolving, morphing into something new as life goes on and on. Death is nothing more than a transition from one state to another.  Eternally, ongoing. 

Meditation is Crucial 

Meditation helps us to connect with our inner higher consciousness where those inspired ideas come from.  If we don’t take the time to keep this inner channel open we can get stuck with things as they are and have a hard time conceiving of what could BE.  So, please remember to take time to meditate or learn to meditate if you haven’t before.  It will change your life and it will assist you so much with staying calm, present and open to new possibilities. 

The work that I do as a Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist has helped many to open up to their intuitions and learn to accept themselves as open vessels of energy that are moving and bending like a river, flowing downstream.

As the Abraham material tells us, it is only when we go into fear that we start paddling upstream. In fear we fight against the flow. Using the above principles can help us to understand that the fear is not real and all we need to do, to turn ourselves around and flow downstream, is to trust that we are all loved and looked after and that we are all going to be ok.

Is it time for you to take the journey of a Past Life or a Between Lives Soul Regression into your own powerful inner knowing that will help you to navigate through these coming changes?  This work has changed everything for me and for so many others I have worked with.  It has been, and continues to be, such an honor for me to be able to assist others with this sacred work.

Be gentle with yourselves as we emerge out into a much different world and remember, it’s up to us to make it a better world.

With much love,