Past Life: Connections to the State of Grace

There are so many different definitions of Grace, many of which are religious in nature. Basically, Grace is characterized as a state of simple elegance whereby things just fall into place. It adds beauty, elegance and charm to our lives.  

Grace is a universal benevolence of magic and power that is always there, in this present moment.  Sometimes it shows up in grand ways but often shows up in in more subtle ways such as in random meetings, small insights and feelings or moments of “coincidence” that we experience.  It is a benevolent energy that seems to flow though us, to honor and favor us, when we can get out of our own way.  And that is the tricky part, getting out of our own way. 

Staying open and connected to Grace is challenging because the left brain is usually in charge, focused on something that happened in the past or worried about something in the future.  Our bodies are on autopilot, the mind is out wandering, and we miss Grace’s influence weaving in and around our days.  

Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapy can be a marvelous tool for helping us tap into this state of Grace.  Time and time again, people who have done Regression Therapy say afterwards they are able to trust the flow of things more easily, to appreciate the small miracles present in every day, to stop over-thinking things, to get out of their own way, to be more present and to trust their intuition more. In other words, they are more able to connect with and recognize their own state of Grace.

When we can live in grace and trust and appreciate that our days and our lives are unfolding in perfect order, life can get pretty effortless and magical. It doesn’t mean difficult things won’t come our way but when we can just trust that it is all happening for a reason we can surrender and let go of control, be more present and go with the flow of things, knowing in the end that it will all work out.

I want to share some recent personal experiences I have had with Grace.

My husband and I, along with and our 3 sweet dogs, recently moved back from Mexico into our home in Colorado.  There came a moment when we just knew it was time to move back.  We trusted our intuition and began to make the necessary arrangements.  

We had purchased a car when we first moved to Mexico.  We knew it would be difficult and cost prohibitive to try to bring it back to Colorado.  However, in the 3 ½ years we were there our dog family had grown from one to three and we had accumulated some things that we wanted to bring back.  Our initial thought was we’d pack up the car with us, the dogs and as many of those things as we could fit and make the 4-day trip north which means we’d have to drive the car back to Mexico to sell and then fly home. None of that sounded very pleasant.

Soon though, we heard of a friend who needed a Mexican plated car.  This person also had a US plated truck and trailer and had been trying to figure out how to get them back up to the US to sell.  As grace would have it, we were able to sell her our car and buy her truck and trailer.  Win, win. We now had plenty of room to bring back as many things as we wanted and the extra cab in the truck would give ample room for us and the dogs to make the trip in comfort.  And we no longer needed to worry about getting our Mexican plated car back to Mexico.  The timing of it came together perfectly and it all felt so divinely orchestrated. 

Also, as you might imagine, there were a few rather intense incidents on our very long, long road trip home through northern Mexico and southwestern US, things that could have been disastrous and yet somehow all came together, gracefully, leaving us in awe and grateful.

It is truly wonderful to be back in our home in Colorado and in hindsight, it was all quite an intense and perfectly graceful unfolding.  

Much love, 



While many sessions continue to be conducted remotely on Zoom or over the phone, I have recently begun to schedule a few in-person sessions again, as long as everyone has had their vaccines.  Hopefully in the near future, this will no longer be an issue. 


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