Find Answers Within: Past Life Regression Workshop

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Harmony Healing Center


Past Life Regression Workshop

Please join us for this fun, informative, and interactive workshop!

Presented by Kristine Morton
Certified Regression Therapist

Saturday June 29th

Time :
1:00 – 2:30PM

$15 If registered by June 28, 2024OR
 $20 at the door

5610 Ward Road  Suite 300Arvada, CO  80002   

 Have you had past lives?  
Ever wondered if something from a past life might be affecting your life today?

This past life regressionworkshop. Using hypnosis, Regression Therapy allows us to access memories from our past lives as well as insights from that space between lives where we find answers to our deeper questions, places that are not typically available in normal waking consciousness. Past Life Soul Regression can give us the opportunity to go directly to the root cause of our dysfunctional repeating patterns, relationship issues, physical issues etc…and give us a much deeper connection to Spirit.

Past life regression workshop participants will learn about how Kristine got into this work. She will talk about the history of Regression Therapy and how the process works. She will share actual case histories of people who have done this work and how it has affected their lives. Then, after a lively question and answer period, those wanting to participate, will get to experience a guided meditation/mini past life regression.

 Don’t miss this exciting, interactive workshop! 

Allow access to the subconscious and superconscious mind which can create awareness of, and communication with, our inner resources and divine guidance facilitating clarity, growth and healing on a deep soul level which can lead to:

  • A more peaceful personal life with more satisfying relationships
  • Overcoming poverty, insufficiency and lack
  • Release from the fears and anxieties that keep us from true happiness and success
  • More fulfilling career opportunities
  • Release from physical ailment and illness …and more!

Bring friends and family!

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